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Monday August 19th 2019


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Think about a scenario where all your recruitment targets can be met from your office desk, where by working with the right partner, you get students from different geographic locations visiting you around the year, and you are continuously recruiting students and building your university’s brand. This is the sort of environment that we have created for you.

The process of recruitment involves lead generation and brand building. For a few universities that have higher placing in the league tables, this might be easier. However, when even these universities introduce new courses, there is a possibility that they might find it difficult to fill these courses. For most universities, the exercise of brand building, lead generation, and lead conversion can be quite challenging in this competitive global environment.

More and more universities are taking to the online world, including social media, to promote their courses. While social media marketing has its strengths, there are better ways to stand out from the crowd and engage students online. VASA Virtual Education Expo provides a unique way for universities to promote their education programs. They can do this by having a booth at our virtual fairs. The virtual fairs that we hold happen around the year, targeting different geographic locations.

Through our virtual fairs, we offer you the opportunity to meet your target audience and interact with them without having to set aside a large budget for student recruitment. Most university representative have participated in some form of virtual fair, often with mixed results. We often hear from our clients that virtual expos are not reasonably priced, and taking this into consideration, we have introduced a process where they can use virtual fairs to either generate leads or to recruit students directly. We only charge our clients when they get benefited through our platform by obtaining leads or newly recruited students.

There are two main ways to participate in our virtual fairs:

  • Expos for Recruitment
  • Expos for Lead Generation

If you are a university that has agents across the world, VASA Virtual Education Expo can act as an agent by doing recruitment for you. You get a booth in our virtual expos, but you don't have to pay for it. All you need is to have a contract with VASA Virtual Education Expo to allow us to recruit globally for you. VASA Virtual Education Expo will generate leads for you and will start converting them to recruit the students. Here, you have the benefit of not having any upfront cost, and will only pay us commissions for the students that we recruit.

We hope that this will be the start of a great partnership. We look forward to hearing from you. Please leave your valuable comments and feedback by using our Contact Us form.

A campaign involving expos for lead generation is crucial for universities or educational institutions that do not, as a policy, appoint agents or pay commissions. Such institutions are usually at a disadvantage because they leave it to the students to find them, whereas universities who pay commissions have the benefit of having a local representative doing the promotion activities.

To offset this disadvantage, we offer the ability for institutions to maintain a virtual booth, which can act as an extension of their physical office. You would only pay us when someone visits your virtual booth. Having visited your booth, the prospective student leads will have looked at videos, downloaded courses, brochures, and so on. Now, you have leads who have an awareness of your institution’s programs and offerings. Such leads are ideal to start working on, and are more likely to convert.

  • FAQ
What is the difference between Expos for Lead Generation and Expos for Recruitment?

In both cases, you will have the same booth, and be enrolled in a certain number of expos per year. The difference is in the way you pay for the booth. You pay per lead in the Expos for Lead Generation model, and you pay per recruited student in Expos for Recruitment model.

Does someone from my university have to staff the booth?

This doesn’t have to be the case. However, if you want to have a university representative staff the booth, you are most welcome. The Expos for Lead Generation model is mainly designed for exchanging visiting cards, receiving messages, and so on, which you can check in your free time. It will not involve a high work-load.

What sort of communication tools are available in the booth?

The booths come with no communication tools if you are only paying per lead. For the recruitment model, it will come with text and/or video chat, which will usually be staffed by us. If you have a booth which is pay per lead and still want to have communication tools such as text and video chat, please let us know. It would involve an additional cost.

How do we view the leads?

We provide you with access to an Administrative Panel, where you can login periodically to check your new leads and export them.