EXHIBITOR Information

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us for your student recruitment. We have two innovative products that will increase the effectiveness of your international student recruitment.


Welcome to VASA Virtual Education Expo. We plan to make your international student recruitment process as easy as possible. We have simplified this process using a combination of great technology, innovative marketing tools, and by simply understanding the student needs better. As exhibitors, you will find that participating in our virtual education expos will open doors to the global student market.

Mastering the use of technology

Our virtual education expo platform gives you a virtual booth, which is a space for your university where you can host your promotional videos which runs the moment a student enters your booth. You will also be able to upload your brochures, which students can directly download in their briefcase. University representatives will be able to answer student queries using the chat capability and also guide students to the appropriate university websites.

Leveraging on our student recruitment ecosystem

In addition to our virtual education expos, we have an online student services platform and also provide free test prep. This will give you access to a targeted group of student who are keen to pursue their higher studies.

Bringing together your university with the right students

Our past experience in dealing with students has made us aware of what students are looking for. The constant influx of students to our websites makes it easier for us to put them in touch with you.

Benefits of the virtual world

As you know, the virtual world will bring you in touch your customers. No more delayed flights, huge marketing budgets, and expensive hotel stays – with the click of your mouse you get access to great students and detailed analytics which help you in your student recruitment planning.
We hope that this will be the start of a great partnership. We look forward to hearing from you. Please leave your valuable comments and feedback by using our Contact Us form.
The virtual university desk is a unique concept to help universities reach out to students throughout the year. Be it recruiting students for your Spring, Fall or Summer intake, this service will give you a steady flow of students. It also helps reduce your work by having a counselor located overseas manning your booth. You work in partnership with VASA Student Services. Want to know more? Send an email to Navin Sathianathan or call us at 0091 98452 68004.
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Who are we?

We started our operations in 2004 as a consultancy for student services in the south Indian city of Bangalore. We were primarily into recruiting students to universities in UK, Canada and Dubai. Keeping with our ideal of adding value to our client and customers, we were in the constant look out for innovative solutions. Since the last few years we have started adding new methods of recruiting students and in this process started creating the following brands.

GRE4YOU.com – A free test prep portal offering quality training for the GRE. This website has features like training videos, eBook, flashcards, practice tests and blog articles.

VasaStudentServices.com – This is the oldest of our brands and has now moved on to be a complete online counseling services portal. It offers services like assistance with university selection, assistance with student visa preparation, pre-departure briefing, etc.

VirtualEducationExpo.com - VASA Virtual Education Expo conducts virtual education fairs which bring together universities and potential students. It uses the best technology, focused marketing, and good customer practices to ensure a great experience for its customers.

Prep4FREE.com (coming soon) – A free test prep portal offering quality training for the SAT. This website will focus on new SAT test pattern to be launched in 2016.

What is a virtual education expo?
A virtual expo is just like the expos in which you have participated— the big difference here is that neither the exhibitor nor the participant is going to travel to a convention center. Instead they will attend the expo using their laptop/mobile phone, on a virtual platform. The virtual platform gives the student access to conference rooms, exhibit booths and video presentations from the comfort of their home. The student can interact with the representatives from exhibiting schools through web chat, webcasts and also start their application process.
What are the highlights of the platform used for the virtual education expo?
Here are some of the highlights of the platform:
    • Global Reach Reach students from across the world.
    • Targeted Audience Reach an audience of prospective test takers who register at our GRE/SAT Prep portal.
    • Best Technology We use a state of the art platform to ensure the best experience possible.
    • Reporting Access to dashboards for real-time/post event metrics, giving you the ability to track and measure your return on investment immediately.
    • Cost-Effective No travel, accommodation, printing and logistics costs.
    • Mobile friendly Participants can chat, browse and interact using their tablets or mobile devices. The HTML5-based technology is compatible with iPads, iPhone and Android devices.
    • User friendly interface The platform is simple to navigate and can display brochures and videos. It even permits links to university websites.
    • Social media integration Social tools encourage interaction and audience retention. Engage your audience with the Social Media Dashboard containing live Facebook and Twitter feeds.
    • Private chat & Group chat The platform permits the university representative to host private or group chats with the attendees.
    • Access to Content It permits you to direct students to specific content according to their interest.
What is a virtual university desk?
A virtual university desk is similar to a virtual education expo but it runs throughout the year. The virtual desk will be manned by counselors who will be trained to represent the university. The counselors would try to convert the students by constantly communicating with them. Setting up a virtual desk will be a partnership between the university and VASA Student Services where we will take care of the recruitment and training of the counselor and provide them the infrastructure needed to provide the service.