About Us

Welcome to a new initiative by VASA Student Services in revolutionizing the way universities recruit students. We have created a complete virtual ecosystem to facilitate this process. This student recruitment solution has a global reach. We plan to work in partnership with universities to increase the effectiveness of their student recruitment process using our innovative solutions.

This virtual ecosystem consist of the following components

Free Test Prep Portals
GRE4YOU.com and Prep4FREE.com

Online Counseling Services

Online Education Expos

Dedicated Virtual University Desk

Who We Are

We started our operations in 2004 as a consultancy for student services in the south Indian city of Bangalore. We were primarily into recruiting students to universities in UK, Canada and Dubai. Keeping with our ideal of adding value to our client and customers, we were in the constant look out for innovative solutions. Since the last few years we have started adding new methods of recruiting students and in this process started creating the following brands.

GRE4YOU.com – A free test prep portal offering quality training for the GRE. This website has features like training videos, eBook, flashcards, practice tests and blog articles.

VasaStudentServices.com – This is the oldest of our brands and has now moved on to be a complete online counseling services portal. It offers services like assistance with university selection, assistance with student visa preparation, pre-departure briefing, etc.

VirtualEducationExpo.com - VASA Virtual Education Expo conducts virtual education fairs which bring together universities and potential students. It uses the best technology, focused marketing, and good customer practices to ensure a great experience for its customers.

Prep4FREE.com (coming soon) – A free test prep portal offering quality training for the SAT. This website will focus on new SAT test pattern to be launched in 2016.